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Drummond, Montana

County: Granite

Population: 356 (2015)

Elevation: 3,963 ft (1,208 m)

Time Zone: Mountain

Zip Code: 59832

Area Code: 406

Coordinates: 46°40′5″N 113°8′47″W

Avg. Precip.: 26.5 in / 675.0 mm


A working agricultural area, Drummond is located in the beautiful Flint Creek Valley of Montana along the I-90. It's a rustic town with friendly people, beautiful views and a variety of recreational opportunities.


Drummond's location allows citizens to live a simpler lifestyle, but with access to all of the modern conviences within a short drive. Missoula is located just 58 miles to the west, while the mining magnet of Butte is about 69 miles to the east. And if visiting the state capital of Helena is your desire, it lies just 72 miles to the north.


Opportunites to hunt and fish abound in the area as the Clark Fork River runs right along side the town's main drag, Front Street.


The Trojans of Drummond High School are competitive each year in a variety of sports. The school offers grades kindergarten through 12.

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Philipsburg, Montana

County: Granite

Population: 844 (2015)

Elevation: 5,243 ft (1,598 m)

Time Zone: Mountain

Zip Code: 59858

Area Code: 406

Coordinates: 46°19′59″N 113°17′48″W

Avg. Precip.: 15.02 in / 381.5 mm


Founded in 1867, Philipsburg has a rich history in the mining and farming industries. Today its citizens celebrate their past and continue a strong tradition in the agricultural lifestyle and sapphire mining.


Philipsburg is a picturesque small town, even literally. Twice since 1997 it has been a finalist in the Prettiest Painted Places in America contest. Add in ts natural wellspring of lakes, rivers, streams, and panoramic mountains and it is a gold mine for the outdoor enthusiast.


For those looking for a more cultural outing, the local opera house may be your cup of tea. If not, there are a host of ghost towns in the area with the Montana Ghost Town Hall of Fame located inside the city limits.


Granite High School is home to the Prospectors and the Philipsburg School District boasts a student-teacher ratio of 14-to-1.

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Deer Lodge, Montana

County: Powell

Population: 3,118 (2015)

Elevation: 4,567 ft (1,392 m)

Time Zone: Mountain

Zip Code: 59722

Area Code: 406

Coordinates: 46°23′46″N 112°43′59″W

Avg. Precip.: 10.59 in / 268.9 mm


Deer Lodge found its beginnings in the early 1800s before finally becoming an official city in 1864. It has seen many noteworthy pioneers in its day, but maybe none more famous than American explorers Lewis and Clark.


With a history rich in gold mining, farming and indian heritage, today Deer Lodge boasts a healthy list of events and activites that will appeal to everyone. From rodeos and fairs to themed weekends and musical events, Deer Lodge has it all.


Like its neighbors, Deer Lodge has numerous areas for the outdoor enthusiast. Hunting, fishing and camping are all within a few miles drive and with easy access.


Deer Lodge offers four schools - two elementary, on junior high and one senior high, with the Wardens as their mascot.

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