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Drummond Perk

A perk to living in the Drummond area is the four day school week. Last year when it was being discussed that the Drummond School would be going to a four day school week I thought it was the worst idea and that I would absolutely pull my hair out if this were to happen. They were crazy people! That has not been the case.

City above field.jpg

I love it!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE Yep I’m a #1 fan!

It’s convenient if we want to do something over the weekend, we have an extra day. It’s great for Dr.’s appointments. But most of all I see a change in my children… It’s not as stressful of a week for them. Normally in a five day week everyone is dragging ass, it’s harder to get the kids to go to bed at night and nobody wants to get up in the morning com Friday. I think everyone can agree that the morning routine gets old as the year goes on. It has been much more stress free and the weeks go by fast! (Although some weekends can seem longer than others haha) But all in all it’s fabulous.

A great reason to make a move to our community!

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