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Price to Sell

Are you really ready to sell? Here’s the deal…

The market is definitely coming up. People are buying right now and it’s great! But with the internet, people are doing their research and usually know what they want to look at before they even find an agent. And websites like Zillow and Trulia don’t help a seller much with their estimates or “zestimates”, because they are not accurate. They can only be accurate in full disclosure states and Montana is not one of them. No two properties are the same. But that is why it’s smart to have an agent represent your property, because they know your property and what makes it unique and they know the market in your area.


Overpriced properties don’t sell and there is no amount of advertising that is going to make them sell. A problem in the Drummond area is there are very few “comparable” properties and the selection of sold properties that appraisers have to choose from aren't very similar, sometimes making the value much lower than it should be.

Common statements I hear are “I have too much invested in the property to sell for that price.”, “I paid more for the property when I purchased it. I need this amount.”, “It’s a one of a kind.”

Or sometimes it’s an emotional attachment. When I give my opinion, the last thing in the world I want is to do is offend my sellers, but I also want to be honest, because I want your property to sell and for the most amount of money you can get out of it. I’m not doing my job if I don’t. And properties priced too high sit on the market forever and usually go for well under market value.

I will always give my opinion whether you want to hear it or not. I want to sell your home, your land, your business. And I will try my hardest to get that done through the many avenues of advertising I provide. And I’m always open to your marketing ideas as well.

As your realtor, I’m interviewing for a job. Because chances are if I don’t do the job you hired me to do, you’re going to pass it on to the next realtor in line.

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