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My Office Is Open!

I have been a realtor for two years now and my business has grown to where I have become a knowledgeable professional in our area. I have worked to educate myself in all areas as well as various ways of marketing to set myself apart from other realtors in the area which has proven to be successful. Thinking outside the box is essential, because there are thousands of realtors in Montana and over 10 in Granite County alone. If I’m offering the same service as the other 10+ realtors, it probably doesn't matter who you choose to represent you whether you are buying or selling your property.


For the last two years I have worked out of my home office, but in recent months decided it was time to make the move and open an office on the main street in Drummond. It is not common for realtors to have an office unless they are a supervising broker, and most brokerages don’t even allow it. But since I work under Keller Williams - the finest brokerage in my opinion - I am lucky enough to have this opportunity!

So my office is officially open! I’m located on the corner of Broad and A Street. I don’t have specific hours, but I will be in and out throughout the week, because most of my work is done outside the office.

Or call me for an appointment 406-240-5860. I’m also currently working on becoming a Montana Notary Public so I will be offering that service soon.

Stop in! Let’s chat! Find out what services I have to offer!

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