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Jim Oly Keeps It Interesting

Driving through Montana, many towns have a letter on a hillside representing their town or schools. Now as you drive through Drummond, Hall and Philipsburg at night look up to see the letters lit up with solar lights.

The first one to light up was the “D” in Drummond, thanks to our Jim Oly and his unique ideas he shares with our community. As he started doing this people began donating and the effect has spread across the county. Jim lit up a “H” in Hall next and yesterday hiked to the “G” in Philipsburg to light it up.

Jim keeps it interesting with his sense of humor and Kermit the frog riding on the top of his pickup. Around Christmas it is not uncommon to drive through the county and see random trees decorated. Or the Helmville rest area along the road with a bucket and a plunger. The charming parks he’s created. He has even came to my house as Santa and scared the hell out of my kids. But it was a great memory J. Loved it!

Thanks Jim for all you do in the community and for continuing to make us smile! The lights look great!!

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