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Open The Doors To Your Business In The Flint Creek Valley

If you're looking for a great investment opportunity, then the Flint Creek Valley has two of the best! And both owners are motivated to sell, so make them an offer!

White Front Bar (Philipsburg, MT) - Click Image for more Pictures.

The White Front Bar is located in the picturesque city of Philipsburg. Being of the most popular tourist attractions in Southwest Montana, this community offers an incredible array of hunting and fishing opportunities year round and has access to nearby Discovery Ski Area during the winter months. Included in the price are the bar's Liquor License, Inventory and the ATM machine located inside for patrons.

White Front Bar Virtual Tour

And in the heart of it all is the White Front Bar in downtown Philipsburg. Heralded as the "Second class clip joint in town," this establishment has been serving customers since 1887! There's plenty of room for a band and dancing and lots of room for gaming machines in the back. It's a chance to step back in time and become part of historic downtown Philipsburg.

Asking price as of October 12, 2015 is $329,000.

Rough Stock Bar & Grill (Drummond, MT) - Click Image for more Pictures.

In Drummond the Rough Stock Bar & Grill is a great gathering place for locals and those passing through on Interstate 90. It has a full-service grill that can offer a hot bar menu, and that could be expanded to service travelers who are looking for a late-night snack without time to sit down and eat.

There is a mix of amenities from poker machines for those feeling a little lucky to mounted TVs for sports fans. The Rough Stock is located on the corner of Front and 'A' streets, giving it a large patio area that is perfect for hosting BBQs, parties or other gatherings. Included in the price are the bar's Liquor License and Inventory.

Rough Stock Bar & Grill Virtual Tour

In addition to the bar and kitchen, there is an office, large storage space and office rental that can help defray some of the costs of ownership.

These two watering holes are well known in the area and are perfect for someone looking to start their own business. The clientele are loyal and looking to keep two of their favorite places open for business with the right owner.

Asking price as of October 12, 2015 is $265,500.

If that owner is possibly you, call me, Alicia Hicks, at 406.240.5860 or email me at I'd love to show you around!

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