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Homeowners clearly know their homes better than anyone, but being the salesperson for their property may not be a good fit. Oftentimes, when a seller is thinking of selling their home they try to sell it themselves. A FSBO (For Sale By Owner) wants to capitalize on their profits and avoid paying a commission to a Realtor. However, by hiring a real estate professional, sellers will most times make enough to cover the commission as well as put more money in their pocket rather than going it alone. There are many statistics to support this.

Buying and selling a property is a complicated process. From the time a seller gets a buy/sell, negotiations begin. And once there is a signed contract the real fun begins. There’s a “team” of people all working together in the deal to make the sale of your home - the buyers lender, the chosen title company, appraisers, home inspectors, attorneys (depending on the type of sale) and of course the Realtors who communicate with everyone in the mix to make the sale as smooth as possible. And they're all looking out for #1, their client, so they aren’t open to potential legal problems in the future.

Here’s how I can help you in the sale of your home:

  1. I have access to market data about the recent sales and other homes on the market that can be used to price your home appropriately. Homes priced right when they’re first listed sell more quickly and for a higher price than those that linger on the market.

  2. I can save you time! I can show your home when you aren’t available, as well as respond to inquiries from potential buyers and their agents. I can also get valuable feedback from those looking at your property.

  3. I can look at your home objectively and suggest ways to improve its appearance so it appeals to more buyers.

  4. Buyers usually prefer to look at a home without the seller there. It takes the pressure off so they can feel more comfortable exploring the rooms and picturing themselves in the property.

  5. I can screen visitors to your home, which provides a measure of safety. I can also find out if the buyer is a qualified buyer and if they can afford your home. I won’t let people waste your time.

  6. I have Realtor contacts who work with buyers and the support of Keller Williams Capital Realty brokerage that can market your home more widely than you can as an individual.

  7. Best of all, I can negotiate contracts to get you the best price for your home!!

And when hiring a real estate professional to sell your property, think of it as a job interview. You, the seller, are the boss. Interview more than one agent. Find out what they do to sell your property. What sets them apart from the rest of the agents in your area. It’s a competitive market with a lot of changes in how advertising needs to be done.

So if you’re thinking about selling your home, call me today! I can give you an insight on how I will market your home that sets me apart from other realtors in the Philipsburg, Drummond and Deer Lodge areas. In addition to a sign on your property and posting your property in the MLS and all the mega real estate sites, I focus on target advertising to get your property sold!

I would like the opportunity to be interviewed for the job as your Realtor.

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