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New Agents Aren't Going Old School

I recently found out that the reason I was not considered for a listing was because I was too new to real estate. Yes, I get where they are coming from, but it really bummed me out, and I took it personal. I’ve worked my butt off to be good at what I do.

I’ve only had my license for 2 ½ years, but in that time I’ve managed to rack up 26 of my 30 points to become a broker. Those are all based on sales – Residential sales are worth 1 point, Commercial and Ranch land are valued at 3. When summer rolls around I will have my real estate broker’s license. And come spring, I will also have my GRI, Graduated Realtor Institute designation.

The thing about being new to real estate is you’re learning the “new way” to buy and sell properties. The Millennial way, because using old school strategies just doesn’t cut it anymore. Thinking outside the box in real estate marketing is key in setting yourself apart from other agents in your area. New agents are jacked about their job and succeeding, and you may just find that they have the energy and extra motivation to market your properties where more seasoned agents might not even think of.

I will admit, when I first got my license I thought, “Wow! This is really pretty easy stuff!!” I had some piece of cake sales, CASH SALES, with no contingencies, no title complications, no lender snags. But in the last 10 months I got a complete reality check. Everything from contract for deed, purchasing real estate with grant funding, mold mitigation, inspectors, encroachments, survey complications, county tax issues, appraisers, misleading contracts, client negotiations, FHA & VA lending, holdups with lenders, and one crazy seller (and that's being very kind about them) doesn’t even describe it. It has been an education packed experience that has equipped me for my career ahead.

One thing I’ve learned is that no two sales are the same. You will encounter something different in every one. But that’s what keeps it interesting and makes me love my job.

Please, consider interviewing me for the job as your realtor. Interview every other agent in the area as well in you want. Technology has changed the way the business is done, but what hasn’t changed is that people want their agent to provide them with the best possible service.

Let me show that I am qualified. Please, give me the opportunity to explain how I can enhance your selling experience if you list with me. Call me today! 406-240-5860 or visit my website

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