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Deck the Halls and Your Home!

Realistically, the holiday season is the slowest time to sell your home, but it can have some advantages.

Buyers shopping for homes during the holidays tend to be more serious about buying and competition is less aggressive with fewer homes being actively marketed. If you are up to the challenge, then show your home at its best.

Don’t be a Scrooge! Break out your holiday spirit and deck the halls. Just don’t be too extravagant, that can turn buyers off. Here are some tips:

  1. Stick to winter decorations.

  2. Make buyers feel merry and price your home to sell. Don’t start out big and drop the price little by little.

  3. As with any time of the year when selling your home, make curb appeal a top priority. Reduce outside clutter and junk. Rake leaves (Hopefully you did this before the snow decided to fly and the ground froze). Keep the outside tidy like the inside of the house.

  4. Oh, the weather outside is frightful … and as online Christmas shoppers are shopping online so are home buyers. So making your pictures create the WOW feature that will attract more buyers. Before hiring a real estate agent make sure they are using high quality photography, and that they are not posting plain old cell phone pictures to market your property.

  5. Think outside the box … When showing your home, make it feel cozy and inviting for buyers when getting out of the cold weather. Turn up the heat, play soft music and offer homemade treats. When encouraging buyers to spend more time in your home, you also give them more time to admire its best features.

  6. Last, but not least, hire a reliable real estate agent! Seek out someone who will work hard for you and won't disappear during Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year's. Make sure they are taking advantage of all the possible marketing opportunities and latest technologies.

The holidays are always stressful with gifts to buy, baking treats and preparing large dinners as well as entertaining relatives and friends. Take a moment to remind yourself that if you don't sell now, remember that Spring and Summer are just around the corner.

The New Year is close at hand so relax and enjoy this special time of year!

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