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Philipsburg ... Montana's Hidden Jewel

Philipsburg, Montana Has It All!

Growing up in Philipsburg, Montana I never realized what a treasure it really is until … well ... I grew up. Only then did I realize what a truly special place it is. The town has changed drastically over the years, but it has always had a distinctive charm. Back in the day Philipsburg had all the possibilities in the world, nestled against the mountain side with its historical Victorian buildings lining Broadway.

It took one person with a creative mind to change that, Shirley Beck. She began with her business, the Sapphire Gallery and then the Sweet Palace, painting her buildings in energetic, tasteful colors and over the years other business owners followed. As you pass along Broadway now, there’s a variety of quaint shops and boutiques, taverns, The Philipsburg Brewing Co., coffee shops and restaurants. Not to mention the small town friendly atmosphere.

Aside from the town itself, the whole surrounding area offers an abundance of recreational

opportunities from hunting and fishing to hiking, horseback riding, snowmobiling, four-wheeling and camping. It also helps to have Discovery Ski Area right in your backyard, a world class ski area 20 minutes away.

Last summer I had some really great clients whom I “sold Philipsburg” to. Of course it didn’t take a lot of selling on my part, Philipsburg sold itself. I was just the tour guide and they ended up buying a house. At first Philipsburg was not even on their radar. They were from Idaho and wanted to move to Montana. I showed them many properties in Seeley Lake, they saw places down the Bitterroot and up the Flathead. All beautiful areas, but one of our times talking I mentioned good ol’ Pburg and explained to them how they would just love it!

So after a drive through Maxville, a lunch stop at Boheme Coffee Shop and a tour through town, as well as around Georgetown Lake they fell in love with the area. And one thing they mentioned above all, besides the scenic beauty, was the people. They were surprised by how friendly everyone is. They weren’t feeling that vibe from the other areas they had explored.

It’s beautiful, charming and friendly with unlimited recreational enjoyment. Philipsburg, Montana has it all!

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