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New business comes a Knockin' in Philipsburg

I’ve written in previous blogs about how much Philipsburg is changing. Well, new to Philipsburg, Montana is the very modern but rustic TommyKnockers bar and restaurant!

The establishment had previously been the long-time rooted Club Bar. The building has had a complete overhaul and as you walk through the doors, you would never recognize the new business as being the same building.

The unique name is associated with mining and Philipsburg’s roots originate from silver mining at the well-known Granite Mountain Mine. According to American folklore, “Tommy Knockers are the spirits of departed miners that help miners find ore. They also knock on the walls of the mines right before a cave-in. When you hear a Tommy Knocker knocking, it’s best to depart the area right quick. They have saved the life of many a miner who has been in danger."

I had drinks and lunch at TommyKnockers on Tuesday and I have to say that I absolutely love the relaxed atmosphere, not to mention the great service. Their menu offers hamburgers, a ground chicken burger, a veggie burger, grilled peanut butter and jelly, soup of the day (that day it was pork green chili - YUM!), appetizers and more. They also have a bar drink menu featuring specialty drinks with Montana liquors and brews.

I ordered the grilled chicken burger with green chili and had a couple Montana Mule drinks, made like a Moscow Mule, but with Montana Whiskey. Absolutely yummy!!!

I recommend stopping in! Hours of operation are Tuesday-Sunday 11am-11pm.

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