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Drummond replete with reasons to call it home

Population 356!

Drummond is located in the scenic Flint Creek Valley right along I-90 in Western Montana. It has a rich history of ranching which is still going strong today. It is centrally located within a short driving distance to major three cities (Missoula, Butte and the state capitol Helena) and a half-hours time to its (Granite) county seat in Philipsburg. If its simplicity and a small town lifestyle you are seeking, you'll find it here!

4 Reasons to live in Drummond:

4-Day school week!

If you had asked me two years ago if I wanted the school week to go to a four-day week, I would have said, "Hell no!" But in the fall of 2014, the Drummond school made the change and since then I feel like it’s been nothing but a positive decision for my kids and I. I hear many parents say the same thing. It frees up more family time and takes the pressures of a long week off.

It’s also an advantage for the school. Losing a day saves money on utilities.

Of course this can be a disadvantage for parents if they have to find alternative child care on Friday’s, but there is a day care in town.

No City Water Bill!

A public water versus a private well system will influence your costs and maintenance responsibilities for years to come. Drummond is unique in that nobody has a city water bill in town. Every residence is on a private well, whether it's for one property or a shared well with a neighbor.


Drummond is centrally located, allowing citizens to commute to work within a reasonable distance to Missoula, Butte or Helena and still enjoy the small-town life. A lot of folks in Los Angeles, Chicago or New York have hour-long commutes too, but none of them have the kind of scenery that Big Sky Country can offer!

Recreational Opportunities

The area offers an abundance of recreational activities … from hunting and fishing, hiking and camping, skiing to golf and a whole lot more. Drummond can be whatever you want to make it!

If you’re interested in moving here, I have two houses listed for sale in town. Both are great family homes and are close to the school. Call me today for more information 406-240-5860!

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