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Spring bringing new growth in business

“What were you thinking getting into real estate?"

It’s a cutthroat business.”

“Oh wow, you got your real estate license. Now you ACTUALLY have to sell something.”

Those were among the negative comments I got from people. And for a while I thought I made a huge mistake because I let those comments get to me. Yeah, it was tough starting out. The 60-hour course doesn’t tell you crap about what really goes into it. It's useful information on such stuff as real estate laws, terms, etc… but in terms of being a realtor no way. So I made some mistakes starting out and had only one sale in the first eight months.

Things were not looking good.

That following spring I took my first year of GRI (Graduate Realtor Institute) and it changed my whole perspective on the business and made me really excited to be in real estate! It taught me how the business is now, how to brand myself and my business and how to effectively market my client’s listings to set them apart from others. And it taught me how to be more involved in running my business.

So a few weeks after the course I ditched the brokerage of which I was under and went to Keller Williams Capital Realty and have been there ever since. No regrets! Two weeks ago I received my GRI designation after three years of taking the class and in two weeks I will have enough points to get my broker’s license and will be taking that class soon.

Timing is everything and in the next few weeks I will be opening an office in Philipsburg with Investment Properties LLC. We will be separate businesses sharing the same office and we will offer a variety of real estate services.

We will also be incorporating a Visitor Center into our office for tourists and people passing through with area information. So any local businesses in the Philipsburg, Hall and Drummond areas who would like to display their brochures you are welcome to drop them by.

Our goal is to fulfill a need without “stealing” any other business ideas. We will offer free WiFi and soon there will be a computer for people to freely use as a convenience. There will also be a print, copy and fax station set up. And I plan to get my Notary Public soon so will also be offering that service as well. If anyone has any ideas of a convenience or need we can deliver please let me know!

The busy season is coming up and I’m looking forward to working in downtown Philipsburg, my hometown. The office is located next to the White Front in the Blue Stone building where a wall has been put up, separating our office from the restaurant side.

I will be announcing when the office is fully up and running soon. Stop in and try our variety of services!

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