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Home For The Holidays

With the craziness of the holiday season, why are buyers looking for homes? Winter buyers mean business because they are on a tight deadline. It could be an investor looking to buy a property before the tax year ends. Buyers could be relocating to a job in the area, have an expiring lease or maybe their home is currently in the midst of a sale and they’re in need of a home to move into. They could have sold a property and are on a deadline for a 1031 Exchange.

People in the market to buy are searching the internet all the time and have the ability to know immediately when a new home hits the market due to notifications on various real estate apps.

It’s not the prime spring and summer selling season, but seriously! What better time to really lay on the sale and showcase your home… with festive holiday decor and creating a warm cozy environment for the hardcore house hunters to get out of the chilly temperatures. It’s a great way for home sellers to take advantage of this “magical” time of year. When out in freezing temperatures, nothing says welcome home like walking into a warm house tastefully decked out for the holidays. Add even more zest to the atmosphere with an aroma of baked goods wafting throughout the house.

With Thanksgiving and Christmas arriving soon, these tips will come in handy if you’re considering making the leap:

~Deck the Halls, but decorate simply and tastefully ~Price to sell ~Make curb appeal priority ~Professional photography ~Target motivated buyers ~Hire a reliable and knowledgeable realtor

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