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Baby I’ve lost my mojo… my writing mojo! I don’t know if it’s the surreal rollercoaster of 2020 or the procrastination in me to easily see the shine of other things to distract my attention. The list is long… but in it all I feel that much has been accomplished. I’ve turned a hillside into a flower bed and planted about 15 trees. I also attained a long time plan of mine to green my thumb with a large garden (One thing I didn’t realize is how much work it is to keep the weeds away and then harvest everything when stuff grows!) which has been very much rewarding. Real estate has been rockin’, keeping me busy as a bee and loving every minute. I also took on a second job… just because, why not? Oh! And have added fourteen chickens to my otherwise wonderfully chaotic animal nuthouse (I don’t know what else to call it)… my kids would call them work and an inconvenience, but who would have thought, chickens make me happy? They are smart and funny, and it’s an Easter egg hunt every day! Yes, I’m aware that I’m a dork, but it’s the little things…

Do you feel like you’ve been living a crazy dream? The world you now live in? You probably never thought you’d be living a lifestyle where everyone is walking around in masks. Whatever the circumstances, this pandemic has affected every one of us in some way and all of us have an opinion on the matter whether it’s political or personal everyday changes. There has been so much negativity and anger, but at the end of the day we are all in it together.

Although, the pandemic, and other national chaotic events have impacted us a great deal, there is a positive side here in Montana. Real estate sales are at an all-time high and to the seller’s advantage. It seems, that people are trying to escape the chaos and relocate to our great state. Prices are up and buyers are out in full force!

I’m currently prioritizing my life… personal and business to make the best of both worlds. I want to start writing again. Heck! Last year I published a book and another is in the making. A real estate book this time, but I haven’t opened the file to write since January. Writing will be a priority, a goal to bring more content and educate buyers and sellers on a variety of real estate subjects. I want to be a professional area resource for you.

Not wanting to get ahead of myself, blog posts will be updated every other week on Wednesday mornings and may expand to weekly posts come winter when I’m hiding from the cold. I also, will be sending out a monthly newsletter by mail called The Clark Fork Homebody, with articles, real estate tips, and home buying and selling statistical information for your specific area. If you would like to receive the newsletter, email me or write a note with your address on the “Contact” link on my website. The newsletter can also be emailed if you prefer. I want to connect with you, help you, and serve you. There is so much to write about right now!

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