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Bridging The Gap Through Real Estate Matchmaking

For the past year, I have felt a bit of burnout from my job. Not because I don’t like my job, but there are a few factors that have been eating away at me… screaming at me that it’s time for a change in the way I do business. You know when you just know it’s time?

The pandemic real estate craze transformed my way of thinking about the industry. I have worked with a variety of personalities of realtors and clients and the main issues I've found are lack of communication and lack of knowledge when it comes to agents representing their clients. So, as I have chosen to grow my business in another way, my goal is to close that gap through matchmaking buyers and sellers with real estate professionals they can trust. Agents work for you... They are getting paid a percentage of the sale. You deserve the best from a friendly, honest professional who will provide you with the highest level of service!

In my attempt at change, I was actually thinking of taking a break from real estate. I applied for some other jobs; some were real estate related. One was with a “discount” real estate website where they claim to match you with a real estate agent who will list your property at a lower commission percentage. Remember this, if you decide to go this route… you get what you pay for. If an agent is willing to cut their commission in half or more for a discount referral, you’re most likely going to get a discount service from that agent. Just saying… most agents don’t work for 1.5 percent, especially when you’re still going to have to pay the buyer’s agent 3%. It’s just not logical thinking… You’re saving about 1.5 percent give or take a little and you’re paying the website a fee of no less than $3000. So where are you saving money… actually?

Anyway, I had an interview, and I even had a few suggestions that would make their selling point better. The interviewer told me that I was the THIRD MOST KNOWLEDGABLE person in real estate she’s ever interviewed. I really wanted the job. The interview seemed to go really well. I DID NOT GET THE JOB. I was really bummed, because I’m thinking, I’m the third most knowledgeable person she’s ever interviewed, and the interview went really well. I’ve got this. But fate apparently had other plans for me. So, in my job search a week and a half later, the same job popped up again and I applied once more. And once again, I did not get the job. At that point I was pissed, because they were looking for less qualified people to sell their half ass attempt to make people think they were getting a good deal. I kept it in the back of my mind, and I kept thinking, I can do that job and I can do it better. Why don’t I start my own referral network to help buyers and sellers get the service they deserve?

Not all properties are created equal and not all sales are either. There are many variants that can complicate a sale. For buyers and sellers, there may be some bumps in the road along the way. The key is to find you the right agent to guide you through the process and communicate with the professionals who have the ability to solve any complications that may come up. And just because someone has a real estate license, it doesn't always make them a good fit for every buyer, seller, or property. Myself, included. There have been times that I regretted taking a listing or representing a client

, because I wasn't the right agent for the job. I got the job done, but my clients probably would have had a better experience had they had an agent who specialized in their clients’ needs. And sometimes personalities clash, plain and simple. Family and friends can be the most difficult to work with on both sides of the deal where expectations don't hold up and it can complicate a relationship.

I’ve had many referral companies contact me as well, but the thing I’ve found with these companies is that every agent they contact is merely a number. When I answer my phone and I hear silence before someone comes on the line, or there’s a click before a voice, I know it’s a numbers game. You see, these companies dial several agents at a time, and they speak with the first one that picks up. They’ll also send out a mass text to many agents at a time. Referrals come on a first come, first serve basis so who knows who you’re going to get. I’ve never been interviewed or asked any questions by any of these people. They only ask if I would be interested in a referral from them. I HAVE NEVER ACCEPTED ONE OF THESE REFERRALS. They are not personable and they’re only out to make money for doing nothing for the buyers and sellers they are claiming to help. Referrals are based on building relationships and that is my goal.

Rockin’ Realty is NOT a discount service. I will be calling you directly and I will not be using a script. I want to get to know you and your goals for buying or selling real estate. I will interview other real estate agents in your area to help you find the one who most fits your needs and expectations. You don’t pay me a thing. The agent you are matched with will pay my fees. I want you to have a smooth buying or selling experience!

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