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What Do You Need Me For?

Hey there 2021, whether you’re good or bad I’ve got plans! I don’t believe in resolutions. They don’t work. I set goals, and as a start of this new year, I have some high ones personally as well as in my business. I’ve written my goals down and even if it is the smallest action, I will do at least one thing everyday to stay motivated and work to meet my expectations. We all throw around the “Happy New Year” phrase. But what does that really mean? Are we just saying it to say it because that’s what everyone says every year? Positivity, motivation, and gratitude help to create a recipe for joy. 2020 was rough with the pandemic and all the other negativity in the world. This year may not be any better, but we can choose to show grace and be thankful. Be fiercely kind, we don’t know the other side of the story. So with that said, I wish you a Happy and Joyful New Year! Truly.

So… now as your real estate professional. What do you need me for? My job is to save you time and energy by using my knowledge and experience to help you buy or sell your property: Residential, land, or commercial properties. I have invested experience in them all. Closing a real estate transaction is typically a long and lengthy process unless the sale is cash and contingency free.

What I can do for you:

1. Provide you information on the current market conditions.

2. Create a suitable marketing plan specific to your properties needs.

3. Guide you with a price for your property that fits the current market.

4. Help with negotiations for buyers or sellers.

5. Ensure that the proper documents are in place from start to finish whether you’re buying or selling. Disclosures are for your protection on either side of the sale. They can save a buyer or seller from extensive legal problems, if there’s a discrepancy with the property.

6. Communicate with all parties who are necessary for the sale to go through successfully (Lender, title officers, real estate agents, attorneys, etc…).

7. Provide you with area and neighborhood information, to help you with your purchase needs.

8. I am your professional resource. I will help you with any of your real estate needs. I can also help you with future transactions.

My goal is to build relationships and be a trusted expert resource. My advise, is that if you are looking for a realtor to sell your property or if you’re looking for a professional to help you purchase a property think of it as a job interview. You are employing that agent. Whether, you call me, or another realtor consider interviewing a few different prospects. A real estate transaction can be a long and complex process. Super frustrating at times! You want to be assured that the professional you choose to represent you is someone knowledgeable and a person you can trust. Not an agent just trying to make a quick buck. I just ask that you consider calling me to have a conversation about your needs. I would love to have the opportunity to be interviewed for the realtor position.

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